Stage 3 Results

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Stage 3 Results

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:44 am

TOUR POOL LEADER: Scotty O Super Team


Rodriguez took the stage win. Four riders, including Dumoulin and Gerrans, were forced to abandon after a massive crash. Cobbles tomorrow. I added a spirit-crushing time differential column to the results.


1Scotty O Super Team64:18:39-
2Jeff Beeston64:18:550:00:16
3Mike Cabigon64:19:580:01:19
4Zara Wishloff64:21:330:02:54
5Huy Ngo64:22:270:03:48
6Lara Check64:22:520:04:13
7Alayne Spafford 164:23:030:04:24
8Lyle Brookes64:24:050:05:26
9Brad is the Best64:26:360:07:57
10Lindsey Walsh64:28:190:09:40
11Ken Riess64:29:380:10:59
12Robb McLennan 164:30:070:11:28
13John Bastable64:35:370:16:58
14Drew Forret64:35:560:17:17
15Cathy Graham64:36:320:17:53
16Scott Schroeder64:38:050:19:26
17Clark Damer64:38:200:19:41
18Kathy Demuth64:38:360:19:57
19Mark "Diesel" Stein64:38:390:20:00
20Michael Kai64:38:390:20:00
21Alex Stieda64:38:400:20:01
22Guri Randhawa64:38:550:20:16
23Mike Hillmer64:39:270:20:48
24Rosalind Damer64:39:580:21:19
25Emils M 164:41:490:23:10
26John Twells64:41:560:23:17
27Tim Onciul64:42:210:23:42
28Tim Riess64:42:360:23:57
29Joe Bergman64:42:360:23:57
31Jen Gahr64:43:300:24:51
32Laurie & Brent Draker64:43:310:24:52
33Evan Wishloff64:45:320:26:53
34Bruce Spicer64:47:520:29:13
35Tim Button64:50:160:31:37
36Emils M 264:54:360:35:57
37Alayne Spafford 264:55:270:36:48
38Myka Awesomchuk64:56:150:37:36
39Scott MacKenzie, FNG64:57:500:39:11
40Sean Sweeney - Tom Baker Cancer Conquerers64:58:240:39:45
41AJ Stieda64:58:270:39:48
42Julie Bastable64:59:120:40:33
43Steve Pukesh64:59:290:40:50
44Clint Brading64:59:450:41:06
45Colin Bastarache, PWM65:01:220:42:43
46DAU Team 165:01:510:43:12
47Dave Graham65:02:290:43:50
48Samantha Stieda65:02:550:44:16
49Andy Achuff65:03:580:45:19
50Scotty O Backup Team65:05:330:46:54
51Don Gross65:08:380:49:59
52Robb McLennan 265:14:550:56:16
53Norco Tom65:18:100:59:31
54John & Anne Biollo65:18:401:00:01
55Ador Cochingco65:20:301:01:51
56DAU Team 265:22:121:03:33
57Chris Check65:29:471:11:08
58Tommy's "La Resistance" Team65:40:571:22:18
59Troy Rossman65:42:381:23:59
60Brett Norrie65:42:451:24:06
61Brad is a Gambler65:48:011:29:22


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